Scriptures: Proverbs 13:21, Deuteronomy 28:11, Philippians 4:19, Malachi 3:10, Isaiah 41:17-20, Isaiah 45:1-3

Our Lord Jesus paid too much of a price for us as believers and we cannot afford to live just anyhow. He shed His blood not just for our salvation but that we may live in victory in every aspect of our lives. We get into some undesirable situations most times due to our disobedience or carelessness. If you are a born again child of God, you are expected to pay your tithes (ten percent of your income) and offerings to the church you belong. If you don’t do this, God says you’re robbing Him and you invite a curse upon yourself.

God may sometimes demand more than tithes and offering. He tends to demand more from you at that time when you feel what you have is insufficient for you. But if you obey just like the widow at Zarephath did, your oil will never run dry and that which is not enough will be turned into abundance in Jesus’ name. Have faith in God no matter how difficult it may seem, He will bail you out.


At other times, the enemy tries to hinder our blessings from manifesting even after God has answered us. It took Daniel twenty-one days to receive his blessings (which God released the first day he prayed) due to the activities of the prince of Persia. Believers must prosper in order to affect the world around us. God has called us to be a blessing to others and take the gospel of Christ to the entire world. This will be difficult to achieve if we are poor. We cannot give what we don’t have.


God has promised to prosper us and it must come to pass. If He can give His only begotten son to die for us while we were yet sinners, He sure can give us anything we need to fulfill our ministry. We need to be steadfast in our faith and also pray without ceasing until our miracle is birthed.




  • Every mountain of lack, be removed from my path in Jesus’ name.

  • Every devourer assigned to my finances, be destroyed in Jesus’ name.

  • Let the windows of Heaven be opened unto me in Jesus’ name.

  • Let divine showers of blessing fall on me in Jesus’ name.

  • Let all my stolen wealth be restored to me seven fold in Jesus’ name.

  • By divine appointment, let me come face-to-face with those you’ve raised to bless me.

  • Heavenly Father, let me find favor in your sight and in the sight of men in Jesus’ name.

  • Whatsoever I may have lost to the enemy, I take back by force in Jesus’ name.

  • You spirit of poverty, I put a stop to your activities in my life in Jesus’ name.

  • Every lack in my life, be consumed by God’s overwhelming abundance in Jesus’ name.

  • Every power manipulating my blessings, be disarmed in Jesus’ name.

  • It is written, for as long as Heaven and earth endure, seed time and harvest time will not cease. Therefore, let every seed I’ve sown bring forth its assigned harvest in Jesus’ name.

  • Every storm threatening my harvest, be calm in Jesus’ name.

  • According to the word of God, let harvest time follow my seed time in Jesus’ name.

  • Let the wealth of the ungodly be transferred unto me in Jesus’ name.

  • Let rivers flow in my barren heights and springs within my valleys in Jesus’ name (Isaiah 41:8).

  • Let my desert be turned into pools of waters in Jesus’ name.

  • Let my patched ground be turned into springs in Jesus’ name.

  • Let the gate of prosperity be opened to me in Jesus’ name.

  • Go before me oh Lord, and level the mountains on my way to success.

  • Let the gates of bronze blocking my prosperity be broken down, and let the bars of iron hindering my success be cut through in Jesus’ name.

  • Heavenly Lord, give me the treasures of darkness and riches stored in secret places.



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