Scripture: 2 Kings 6:24-33, 7:1-20

According to the dictionary, famine is an acute insufficiency or a severe shortage of food resulting in violent hunger and starvation and death. Famine always has a cause.  Some of the causes can be lack of rain, war and attacks on crops by devouring insects.

When you are in a famine you will do anything to survive. Such was the situation with the 2 women in Samaria as read in the scripture. The famine was as a result of the siege mounted by the king of Aram against the city of Samaria. Aram is a representation of an unrelenting and stubborn enemy


The situation was so bad in Samaria that the two women agreed to kill their sons one at a time.  There was another famine in Abraham’s days and he responded by going down to Egypt.  Egypt signifies the world. The devil has always used famine to lead God’s children to doing the wrong thing.  Please note that the famine you are facing now is designed to frustrate your destiny and make you go against God.  That is why I encourage you to constantly feed yourself with the word of God and pray without season no matter what your situation is.  Famine is only but temporary. It will not be forever. I strongly believe that as you pray the prayers below, the Living God will intervene in your stubborn situation and send rain (blessing) your way in Jesus’ name.



  • Every unrelenting efforts of the devil designed to frustrate me, I challenge you by the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.

  • Every stubborn situation in my life, respond to the name of Jesus this day and cease your activities.

  • Let the Lord’s abundance overpower my famine in Jesus name.

  • Let every desert in my life be turned into pools of water (Isaiah 41: 18).

  • Let rivers flow in my barren heights in Jesus name.

  • Oh Lord let my patched ground be turned into springs.

  • I refuse to go down to Egypt (the world) in Jesus’ name

  • Let Yahweh Yireh (The Lord our provider) overwhelms me with His abundance in Jesus’ name.

  • Let Arch Angel Michael (warrior angel) accompany my Angel Gabriel that my blessings may not be hindered in Jesus name.

  • Let my Angel Gabriel show up with my divine blessings in Jesus’ name.

  • Let the hosts of heaven be dispatched on my behalf to attend to my needs in Jesus’ name.

  • Let every bad water causing my land to be unproductive receive divine salt in Jesus’ name (2 Kings 2:19-20)

  • Let my land become productive in Jesus name



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