Scripture: Esther Chapters 3, 4, 5 and 6.

We live in a world where people will do anything at the expense of others just to get wealth and move to a position of honor. Without hesitation, such people will bring down anyone perceived as a potential threat to their evil ambition. Such was the case of Haman. Haman was bent on destroying Mordecai and at all costs simply because Mordecai refused to worship him. Earlier, Mordecai had uncovered and reported a plot to kill king Xerxes thus saving the king, but Haman took the credit. Haman then went ahead to build a gallow with the intention of hanging Mordecai there the following morning. But that night, the Bible records that king Xerxes could not sleep so he ordered the book of the chronicles, the record of his reign to be brought in and read to him. It was during the reading that the king found out how Mordecai had saved his life. The rest is history.


Mordecai received his just reward becoming the second in-command to king Xerxes. King Xerxes is anyone is a position to bless or harm you. Haman on the other hand received disgrace and was eventually hung on the same gallow he built for Mordecai.


Haman is a representation of a determined and unrelenting enemy bent on stealing your blessings and destroying you. You need to rise up in prayer and challenge every Haman in your life and your victory is assured.


Instructions: I encourage you to pray these prayers at midnight. Worship the Lord with songs and thank him for all He has been unto you.



·         I refuse to bow down to my Haman in Jesus’ name.

·         I refuse to show fear in the presence of my haman in Jesus’ name (Esther 5:9).

·         Let every boasting of my enemies be turned into shame in Jesus’ name.

·         Heavenly father, give those who have power to change my situation sleepless night just as you did to king Xerxes , in Jesus’ name.

·         Let the book of record be opened on my behalf, and let my long overdue reward be paid to me in Jesus’ name.

·         I possess all my possessions in Jesus’ name.

·         Let there be a divine substitution between me and my determined enemies in Jesus’ name.

·         Let my Haman fall into his own pit in Jesus’name.

·         Every demonic agent bent on destroying me and my family, be disarmed and paralyzed in Jesus’ name.

·         Let the God of suddenly intervene in my affairs in Jesus’ name.

·         Let my adversaries be disappointed in the name of Jesus.



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