Scriptures: Acts 16:25-26, Psalm 103, 29:2, 45:6-7, 48:1-2, 48:14, Psalm 145

The last thing a woman in labor wants to do in the delivery room is push, especially if she has been in labor for a while. That’s why you have so many people in the room encouraging her to push in order that the baby may be birthed.

The birthing of a miracle is the same way. The last thing you want to do in a difficult situation is praise God. Praise means to commend or give honor. Oftentimes the weight of the problem seems so unbearable and makes it practically impossible to want to praise God. But the truth is that there is power in our praise. Our praise is a mighty weapon that can put the enemy to flight and cause our situation to attract Heaven’s attention.

Things to note about:


  1. Praise must come from the heart (Ps 9:1)

  2. Praise must be continuous (1Chro 16:4)

  3. Praise must be the first thing we do in worship (2 Chro 5:13)

David was a man who praised God in good and bad times. No wonder God refer to him as a man after His heart. Paul and Silas praised God while in a maximum security prison and the God of suddenly showed up in their impossible situation. The people of God praised God during the dedication of Solomon’s temple and God came down in a cloud and His glory filled the temple (2 Chro 5:14). Your praise is a weapon that the devil and his hosts cannot withstand. If you will praise God in your situation right now with all your heart, rest assured God will release Heaven’s resources on your behalf and your situation is bound to change.

Here is what will happen:

-          You will find God’s favor like David

-          The root of your problem will be shaken and uprooted

-          Every prison door in your life will be opened

-          The chain the enemy has used to bind you will be loosed, and finally

-          Your adversaries will come trembling before you in Jesus’ name.


Worship God, for He is the King of kings, The Lord of lords, God Almighty, God who sees, Lion of the tribe of Judah, The I AM that I AM, Lord of Hosts, The Lord our Peace, Holy One of Israel, The Everlasting God, Bright and Morning Star, The Ancient of Days, The Counselor, The Way, The Truth and The Life. He is The Creator of Heavens and the earth without Him was nothing made that was made, He is The Provider, The Lord our Healer, The One who has absolute authority to change anything, He is the One who specializes in making possible what is impossible, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He cannot change, He cannot lie, He cannot fail, He is never late, He saves, He delivers, He promotes and He brings down. He is merciful, He is gracious, He is loving, and He is kind. He is just, He is Holy, He neither sleeps nor slumbers, and He is the One in charge of the affairs of men. What a mighty God we serve!


Praise God for:

-          who He is

-          His faithfulness, mercy and compassion

-          keeping you alive till now

-          giving you the privilege to be called His child

-          saving you

-          His promises that are unfailing

-          your health, finances and all your needs

-          for putting the devil to shame in your life

-          for giving you victory in every area of your life

-          for what He has done for you in the past

-          what He’s doing right now

-          what He will do in your future

-          for all your family members



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