Scripture – Acts 16:6-10

Macedonian call is an urgent call for help. The call is so important that something has to happen otherwise it will be too late. On the other hand, Paul is a representation of a deliverer. His help was needed in Macedonia and God had to speak to him in a vision. The Bible says, a man from Macedonia appeared to him in a vision saying, come and help us. Paul (who had been stopped twice by the Holy Spirit from going into some other places) could not afford to waste anytime after the vision. He realized this was God’s will for him and left the following morning.


Like the people in Macedonia, are you currently facing an urgent situation? Our God is a God of timing. He cannot be late. I declare to you today that your time of favor has come. No longer will your “Paul” be delayed as you pray the following prayers with all your heart in Jesus’ name.


Prayer points:

  • Let my situation receive divine attention now in Jesus’ name.

  • Let the Spirit of Jesus prevent my “Paul” from going in the opposite direction in Jesus’ name (Acts 16:7).

  • Let my “man of Macedonia” appear to my “Paul” in a vision in the mighty name of Jesus

  • Let every hindrance in the path of those you have raised to bless me be removed in Jesus’ name.

  • Order my steps to those who have my blessings in their possession in Jesus’ name.

  • Place a burden to bless me in the hearts of those you have raised to bless me in Jesus’ name.

  • Let my helpers have no peace until they locate me and bless me in Jesus’ name.

  • Let my stubborn situation surrender to the power of the almighty in Jesus’ name.

  • Let every demon assigned to trouble me be troubled to surrender by your warring angels.

  • Let angelic reinforcements be sent from heaven, and let every prince of Persia hindering my Angel of blessings be defeated (Daniel 10:12-13).



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