Scripture: 1 Chronicles 4:9-10

There is hardly anyone who received from God who was not desperate.  According to the dictionary, desperate means an undertaken out of extreme urgency or as a last resort.  When we get to that point where there is no other options, where the help of man becomes irrelevant, then a sincere prayer offered at that point is bound produce tremendous results.

The Israelites cried out to the Lord in Egypt when the burden became unbearable and God sent a deliverer (Moses).  Daniel prayed to God after the king’s decree and was saved from the lions’ den.  Jabez cried out to the Lord to bless and enlarge him and God showed up.  The woman with the issue of blood used all the strength she had left her just to touch Jesus, and the Lord stopped to attend to her.  The disciples cried out to Jesus during a storm and Jesus calmed the storm.  Peter cried out to Jesus when it became obvious he was about to sink and Jesus grabbed his hand and pulled him out.  Blind Bartimaeus called on the Son of David and He attended to him.  What are those things in your life that are causing you heart ache.  As you pray this prayer trust God with all your heart that He is able and He will not let you down.


Instructions: Worship the Lord in songs for sometime.  Then ask Him to strengthen you as you pray.


Prayer points:

- Let the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob show forth his power in my life today in Jesus name

- Every problem sponsored by the enemy in my life receive divine solution today in Jesus name.

- Let the source of my problems be destroyed by the fire of the Holy Ghost

- I refuse to give in to the lie of the enemy in my life in Jesus name

- Let the truth of the word of God prevail regarding my situation in Jesus name

- I challenge every power working against my destiny with the power of the Holy Spirit.

- Every principality energized by the enemy against my success be disarmed in the name of Jesus

- You rulers of this dark world raised by hell to frustrate my destiny be consumed by the fire of the Holy Spirit.

- Every spiritual wickedness that has vowed to cause me sorrow be disgraced by the blood of Jesus

- Son of David have mercy on me

- Heavenly father, I will not let you go unless you bless me

- Let my king Xerxes receive sleepless night (Esther 6)

- Let your book of remembrance be opened today regarding your promises to me

- Let my Haman fall into his own pit (Esther 7:9-10)

- Whatsoever is in me that is cooperating with my enemies receive divine touch of God in Jesus name

- Oh Lord, be with me like a mighty warrior (Jeremiah 20:11)

- Let my persecutors stumble and not prevail in Jesus name

- Let my persecutors fail and be thoroughly disgraced and their dishonor will never be forgotten

- As you delivered Daniel from the Lion’s den, deliver me oh Lord.

- Let every Achan undermining my victory be exposed in Jesus name



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